15% Extra value on voucher for new bookings

Air France and KLM understand the difficult situation you and your customers are facing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. In these unprecedented times, we offer you with our temporary rebook policy more time, simplicity and flexibility to come to a solution with your customers. 
Of course, we encourage you to rebook, but if your customer cannot yet reschedule their trip, we understand. As a solution, we have been issuing refundable vouchers, which can be reimbursed if they have not been (fully) used after 12 months.  

To make the voucher more attractive to use, Air France and KLM will add a bonus of 15% of the total value of the initial ticket. Your customer can use this bonus for a new booking. If your customer decides not to make a new reservation and instead request a refund, the bonus will not be included in the cash payout.

Our teams are currently working on the technical implementation of the enhancement of the vouchers. As soon as more details are available about the process, we will share these with you.